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Go Green This Season: Holistic Plant-Based Gifts for a Sustainable Holiday

Go Green This Season: Holistic Plant-Based Gifts for a Sustainable Holiday

In a world constantly evolving towards sustainable living, our choices, even in gift-giving, can echo our commitment to a greener and more mindful existence. This blog invites you on a journey through a selection of plant-based gifts, where nature meets creativity to offer not just presents but meaningful expressions of care and environmental consciousness.

From the simplicity of DIY crafts to functional yet sustainable items, discover how plant-based gifts can weave together thoughtful gestures and eco-friendly living. Join us in exploring the beauty and significance of embracing the natural world in our gift-giving practices.

Gifts wrapped in reused paper

Why should you give holistic plant-based gifts?

Holistic plant-based gifts offer several advantages. Here are a few reasons to consider giving plant-based gifts this holiday season :

  • Environmental Impact: Holistic plant-based gifts often have a lower environmental footprint than traditional gifts. Plants require fewer resources to produce, reducing the overall ecological impact.
  • Health Benefits: Many plant-based gifts, such as herbal teas or natural skincare products, can offer health benefits. These items often contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to well-being.
  • Sustainability: Plant-based gifts are aligned with sustainable practices, promoting the use of renewable resources. Choosing products made from sustainable materials supports environmentally conscious production methods.
  • Longevity: Unlike perishable gifts, plants, and plant-based products can provide long-lasting enjoyment. A potted plant, for example, can thrive for an extended period, serving as a lasting reminder of the holiday season.
  • Cruelty-Free: Plant-based gifts are typically cruelty-free, meaning they don't involve harm to animals. This aligns with ethical considerations and promotes a compassionate approach to gift-giving.
  • Diverse Options: The world of plant-based gifts offers various options to suit different preferences. There's a holistic gift for everyone, making finding something thoughtful and personalized easy.
  • Educational Value: Plant-based gifts can also serve an educational purpose. Items like gardening kits or books on plant-based living can inspire recipients to learn more about sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles.
  • Mindfulness: Choosing holistic plant-based gifts encourages mindfulness about the impact of our choices. It fosters an awareness of the interconnectedness between our actions and the planet's well-being.

Holistic plant-based gifts offer a combination of environmental responsibility, health benefits, ethical considerations, and a wide range of choices, making them a thoughtful and conscientious option for the holiday season.

Festive decorations and lights

Best ideas for holistic plant-based gifts

Do you want to be an eco-conscious holiday shopper? The following are thoughtful and sustainable plant-based gift ideas:

1. DIY Herb Garden Kit:

  • Materials Needed: Small pots, organic soil, herb seeds (e.g., basil, mint, rosemary), plant markers, a wooden crate, or recycled container.
  • Preparation: Fill each pot with organic soil, plant the herb seeds according to the instructions, and label the pots with plant markers. Arrange the pots in the wooden crate, creating a personalized DIY herb garden
2. Reusable Beeswax Wraps:
  • Materials Needed: Cotton fabric, beeswax pellets, pine resin, jojoba oil, parchment paper, baking sheet.
  • Preparation: Cut the fabric into desired sizes. Melt beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Place fabric pieces on the melted mixture, ensuring an even coating. Let it cool and solidify, creating reusable and eco-friendly wraps.
3. Upcycled Plant Pots:
    • Materials Needed: Empty tin cans or glass jars, non-toxic paint or twine, small rocks or pebbles, potting soil, small plants or succulents.
    • Preparation: Paint the tin cans or wrap them with twine for a decorative touch. Place rocks at the bottom for drainage, fill with potting soil and transplant small plants or succulents into the upcycled pots.
    Prevent and treat plant shock

    Prevent & Treat Plant Shock is a natural solution to prevent or treat transplant shock when repotting plants. Facilitates recovery from overwatering. Promotes healthy and vibrant plant growth and supports soil quality for optimal plant nutrition. It is also designed to help with root development and plant vitality. Ideal for all plants.


    4. Zero-Waste Bath Set:
      • Materials Needed: Reusable fabric (e.g., cotton or bamboo), organic soap or bath bombs, essential oils, glass jars or containers.
      • Preparation: Cut fabric into squares to use as reusable bathcloths. Place organic soap or bath bombs in glass jars, adding a few drops of essential oil for a personal touch. Package the items in a reusable and recyclable gift bag.
      5. Sustainable Bamboo Utensil Set:
        • Materials Needed: Bamboo utensils (fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks), organic cotton napkin, reusable cloth pouch.
        • Preparation: Place bamboo utensils and the organic cotton napkin in a reusable cloth pouch. Tie the pouch with a natural twine or ribbon for a stylish and sustainable utensil set that can be used on the go.
        6. Homemade Vegan Treats:
          • Ingredients Needed: Plant-based flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, vegan chocolate chips, and nuts.
          • Preparation: Bake a batch of vegan cookies or energy bars using plant-based ingredients. Package them in reusable containers or glass jars tied with a festive ribbon. Here are some excellent recipes.
          Homemade vegan cookies
          7. Botanical Art Prints:
            • Materials Needed: Recycled paper or cardstock, non-toxic ink or paint, botanical stamps or stencils.
            • Preparation: Create unique botanical art prints by stamping or stenciling plant designs onto recycled paper or cardstock. Frame the prints using eco-friendly frames or present them unframed for a sustainable touch.
            8. Natural Fiber Knitted Goods:
              • Materials Needed: Organic cotton or bamboo yarn.
              • Preparation: Using natural and sustainable yarn, Knit or crochet scarves, hats, or mittens. Personalize the items with different patterns or colors to make them unique and cozy for the winter season.
              9. Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Candle Set:
                • Materials Needed: Soy or beeswax, essential oils, recycled glass jars, cotton wicks.
                • Preparation: Make handmade candles using soy or beeswax, scented with natural essential oils. Pour the melted wax into recycled glass jars, add cotton wicks, and let them cool. Package the candles in a reusable cloth bag or gift box.
                Three burning candles
                10. Organic Cotton Tote Bag with Seeds:
                  • Materials Needed: Organic cotton tote bag, wildflower seeds, recycled paper, and twine.
                  • Preparation: Place a packet of wildflower seeds inside an organic cotton tote bag. Attach a note explaining the eco-friendly aspect and the intention to encourage pollination and bee-friendly practices. Tie the bag with twine for a rustic touch.
                  11. Recycled Plantable Stationery Set:
                    • Materials Needed: Recycled paper or cardstock, wildflower seeds, plant-based ink or printing.
                    • Preparation: Design and print plantable stationery using recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Recipients can enjoy the cards and plant them to grow beautiful flowers.
                    12. Herbal Infusion Kit:
                      • Materials Needed: Dried organic herbs (e.g., chamomile, lavender, mint), glass jars, reusable tea filters, and a personalized instruction card.
                      • Preparation: Create a custom herbal infusion kit by assembling jars with dried herbs. Include reusable tea filters and a card with instructions for making soothing herbal teas.
                      Jars filled with dried herbs
                      13. Upcycled Plant-Based Art:
                        • Materials Needed: Recycled materials (e.g., old magazines, cardboard), plant-based glue, and non-toxic paint.
                        • Preparation: Create unique upcycled art using recycled materials to craft collages or sculptures. Use plant-based glue and non-toxic paint to enhance the artwork. Frame or mount the finished pieces for a sustainable and artistic gift.
                        14. Reusable Produce Bags Set:
                          • Materials Needed: Organic cotton fabric, a sewing machine, or needle and thread.
                          • Preparation: Create a set of reusable produce bags by cutting and sewing organic cotton fabric into different sizes. These bags are perfect for reducing single-use plastic when shopping for fruits and vegetables.
                          15. Vegan Skincare Gift Set:
                            • Ingredients Needed: Plant-based oils (e.g., jojoba, almond), essential oils, recycled glass containers.
                            • Preparation: Craft a personalized skincare set by blending plant-based oils with essential oils for facial oils, lip balms, or body scrubs. Package them in recycled glass containers for an eco-friendly touch.
                            Vegan and natural skincare products
                            16. DIY Terrarium Kit:
                              • Materials Needed: Glass containers, pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, small succulents, or air plants.
                              • Preparation: Assemble a DIY terrarium kit with layers of pebbles, activated charcoal, and potting soil. Include small succulents or air plants for a low-maintenance and visually appealing plant-based gift.

                              Cactus + Succulent Plant Food

                              Cactus + Succulent Superfood is specially designed for weak and struggling cacti and succulents. Provides natural support and nourishment for vibrant growth and resilience. Useful for wilting and yellowing.


                              17. Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar:
                                • Ingredients Needed: Cocoa powder, organic sugar, dairy-free chocolate chips, mini marshmallows.
                                • Preparation: Layer the ingredients in a glass jar to create a visually appealing vegan hot chocolate mix. Attach a tag with instructions for making delicious and dairy-free hot chocolate.
                                18. Herbal Bath Salts:
                                  • Ingredients Needed: Epsom salt, dried herbs (lavender, chamomile), essential oils.
                                  • Preparation: Mix Epsom salt with dried herbs and a few drops of essential oils to create herbal bath salts. Package them in a reusable glass jar for a soothing and plant-based bath experience.

                                  Herbal bath salts gift set

                                  19. Seed Bomb Set:
                                    • Materials Needed: Compost, clay, wildflower seeds.
                                    • Preparation: Make seed bombs by mixing compost, clay, and wildflower seeds. Shape them into small balls and let them dry. Pack the seed bombs in a reusable container, and recipients can toss them into a garden or outdoor space to promote wildflower growth.
                                    20. Plantable Greeting Cards:
                                      • Materials Needed: Recycled paper, wildflower seeds, plant-based ink.
                                      • Preparation: Create plantable greeting cards by embedding wildflower seeds in recycled paper. Use plant-based ink for eco-friendly printing. Recipients can enjoy the card and later plant it to grow beautiful wildflowers.
                                      21. Scented Herb Sachets:
                                        • Materials Needed: Dried herbs (lavender, rosemary, mint), organic fabric scraps, twine.
                                        • Preparation: Fill small fabric sachets with dried herbs and tie them with twine. These scented sachets can be placed in drawers or closets to add a delightful natural fragrance.

                                        Scented lavender sachets

                                        22. Bamboo or Cork Yoga Mat:
                                          • Materials Needed: Sustainable bamboo or cork material.
                                          • Preparation: Gift a yoga enthusiast with a sustainable yoga mat made from bamboo or cork. These eco-friendly materials provide a non-toxic alternative to traditional PVC yoga mats.
                                          23. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Set:
                                            • Materials Needed: Bamboo toothbrushes, recycled paper or cardboard packaging.
                                            • Preparation: Assemble a set of eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes. Choose recyclable or compostable packaging options to minimize waste and promote sustainable oral care.
                                            24. Homemade Granola in Reusable Jar:
                                              • Ingredients Needed: Oats, nuts, dried fruits, maple syrup, coconut oil.
                                              • Preparation: Make a batch of homemade plant-based granola and package it in a reusable glass jar. Attach a simple recipe card for a delightful and sustainable breakfast treat.

                                              Jar filled with homemade vegan granola

                                              25. DIY Terracotta Pot Herb Garden:
                                                • Materials Needed: Small terracotta pots, organic soil, herb seeds (e.g., basil, cilantro, parsley).
                                                • Preparation: Plant various herb seeds in small terracotta pots filled with organic soil. Arrange them in a tray or basket for a charming and helpful herb garden.
                                                26. Natural Fiber Eco-Friendly Towels:
                                                  • Materials Needed: Organic cotton or bamboo towels.
                                                  • Preparation: Choose a set of eco-friendly towels made from organic cotton or bamboo. These towels are soft and sustainable, offering a practical and thoughtful gift for daily use.
                                                  27. Hanging Macramé Plant Holder:
                                                    • Materials Needed: Natural cotton cord, wooden ring, potted plant (e.g., pothos or spider plant).
                                                    • Preparation: Craft a stylish macramé plant holder using a natural cotton cord. Hang a potted plant within the holder to create a beautiful, decorative piece incorporating plant-based and handmade elements.

                                                    Hanging Macramé Plant Holder

                                                    28. Bamboo Serving Tray:
                                                      • Materials Needed: Bamboo boards, bamboo skewers, wood glue.
                                                      • Preparation: Craft a sustainable serving tray by arranging bamboo boards into a desirable shape and securing them with bamboo skewers and wood glue. This functional gift brings the beauty of bamboo into the kitchen.
                                                      29. Pressed Flower Art:
                                                        • Materials Needed: Pressed flowers, recycled paper or cardboard, plant-based glue.
                                                        • Preparation: Make beautiful pressed flower art by arranging pressed flowers on recycled paper or cardboard. Use plant-based glue to secure the flowers, creating a nature-inspired piece of artwork.
                                                        30. Herbal Bath Bombs:
                                                          • Materials Needed: Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, dried herbs (e.g., chamomile, lavender), essential oils.
                                                          • Preparation: Mix baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, dried herbs, and essential oils to create herbal bath bombs. Mold them into shape and let them dry for a delightful and plant-based spa experience.

                                                          Herbal bath bombs set

                                                          These plant-based gift ideas you can make from your garden showcase the versatility of plants in creating decorative, functional, and aromatic presents. They are simple yet thoughtful, offering your loved ones a touch of nature and sustainability.

                                                          The Bottom Line

                                                          Plant-based gifts connect nature with thoughtful gifting converge. From herb-scented sachets to bamboo creations, each item carries a story of sustainability and conscientious choices.

                                                          These plant-inspired gifts transcend mere material exchange, embodying a commitment to a more harmonious relationship with the environment. In choosing plant-based gifts, we offer tokens of affection and contribute to a shared vision of a healthier, greener planet. May these ideas inspire a shift towards mindful gift-giving, where every present carries the essence of nature's beauty and our collective responsibility to cherish it.

                                                          Gifts around the Christmas tree


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