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About Us

Thirty five years ago, I worked in a Vinyard in the Niagra Region. (Very close to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) It was owned by one of our high school Geography Teachers. Mr. David Jones. He picked different students to come and work for him based on work ethic, and not being complainers.

It was a cool experience for a city kid to work outside on a farm. There are two things that really stand out in my memories. 

First, working on a vineyard is the best farming work you can get. There is very little bending over, and you don’t get that dirty. All the work is between waist high and eye level. We used to joke that we could spend most of our day in a 3 piece suit.

Second, most of our work was managing pests. We spent many days spreading bird netting (bird netting provides some protection for the grapes from birds, but it also kills a LOT of birds as they get caught in the nets). Then removing the bird netting and many dead birds before harvest.  We’d spray most of the rows with different chemicals. I always questioned how much of these chemicals would be absorbed into the food, and then consumed by PEOPLE. When we sprayed, everything would be covered in the white chemical powder. Hundreds of acres. Like snow. Only not as clean or pure.

Since that experience, I’ve always felt that there had to be a better way to produce food, and to live healthy lives. In grade school, there were no such thing as food allergies. Now, it’s weird to meet a person that doesn’t have SOME kind of food sensitivity.

Jump ahead a few years, and I’m a Dad. My older son had developed all sorts of food allergies, and serious health problems. Modern medicine failed, and I began to research alternative therapies.  I stumbled onto Homeopathy, and I was amazed at how much it helped my son.

I began taking courses, then more courses. Then I started a company selling Homeopathics for PEOPLE. That went very well, and we were able to help hundreds of thousands of people get healthier.  

Working with a friend of mine, I helped her launch a company that sells Homeopathic remedies for animals.  

We’ve now launched a company that makes Homeopathic remedies for plants.

I’m excited to present these products and information to you. I hope you find it useful!

Miro Posavec